Design Council Briefing

The impact of design on business

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The Design Council have long been known as an innovative source of vital information for the design industry. The Design Council website is packed with useful information for creative, marketing and busines people. In these times of economic challenges and increased pressure to make your message heard it's a welcome sight to see so much evidence for the important role that creativity has to play.

All too often businesses in every sector overlook the impact that a truly effective print campaign, brand exercise or new website can have. When a strong creative solution is combined with sound strategic thinking customers will notice your brand and your confidence levels can be restored. I have heard many experienced business people publicly advise that you shouldn't cut back on marketing during a recession. Whilst I do agree with this statement, I feel it may be a little optimistic to believe that marketing and financial people the world over, are singing from the same hymn sheet.

I do however believe that it is vital for companies to keep developing strategies and be prepared for the economic upturn. There are a number of studies being released which suggest we are at the bottom of the current recession and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. To this end, now is the perfect time to create a new website, consider brand direction or even just start the process of your next campaign. This sentiment has been shared by many of Melon's own clients, all of which are confident that when the economic climate improves, they will be perfectly positioned to increases market share and come back bigger and better than ever.

I hope you find the latest reports and information from Design Council of interest, if you would like any advice on how you can introduce any of the latest methods, technologies or creative approaches to your business, get in touch with us here at Melon.

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