Google's Chrome browser turns 1 year old

A year on does it rival Firefox or Internet Explorer?

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It has now been one year since search engine giant Google waded into the browser war, and for good or for bad it seems they are here to stay. Although they are a major player in the web, their browser has only reached a market share of just under 3%. The other major browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox are way out in front, but they have had a significant head start on their campaigns for browser domination.

In the Melon office it is rarely used apart from for testing, but that's because we all work on Linux or Mac machines which both have yet to see an official or stable release. That said I use it on my ASUS EEE netbook at home and find it to be a very decent piece of software with the limited resources available.

Its most important innovative feature has been the use of the new javascript engine, and its ability to manage each tab as a seperate process. This may sound incredibley geeky and unimportant to some, but think how many times you have had a browser open with 10+ tabs (or 100 in some cases :P), one website makes the browser crash and you lose all of them. Thanks to Google this is a thing of the past, and due to this, a number of the major browsers have taken this idea up in their latest incarnations.

In conclusion if you haven't given it a try yet, its definitely worth a look. It definitely leaves Internet Explorer behind in its dust, but when compared to Firefox, Safari, and other standards compliant browsers theres not much that makes it stand out.

If you are running Windows, then we highly recommend checking it out. Download Google Chrome here and start enjoying a more stable and secure browsing experience immediately. Also see the Google Chrome comic strip which explains all the benefits and features in a cute cartoon format.