How we deliver a new web design

Here's what goes in the mix for a great web design process.

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We didn't invent the design process but we do follow it. Our step by step process covers most web design projects and ensures the best possible outcome. Whatever size website, industry or niche sector, we are able to deliver the results you want and ensure ROI by following the right principles and processes.

Here's the 10 steps to web design success.

1. We listen. We take on board your current situation, your business sector and competitors, your objectives and any business pressures or budget.

2. We advise. We ponder the best ways to deliver all the things you need, scrutinise any available statistics, conceive new ideas and formulate a plan.

3. We quote. We provide a fixed price with optional extras, new ideas and ensure all your requirements are included at a price to suit you.

4. We plan. We create a site map demonstrating your fundamental website architecture, with landing pages, features and content.

5. We prototype. By creating a complete, accurate wireframe prototype of all layouts and templates we proof the entire website and create a complete project plan.

6. We create. We design the web graphics, visual ideas, images and typography that will communicate your products or services to your potential customers.

7. We build. Designs are hand coded to exacting standards, with validating code if requested, databases are designed and integrated with the Engine Content Management System.

8. We populate. Your website content is added to a preview version, either by us or by yourself after you have been given full CMS training.

9. We polish. Content is improved, SEO content added and functionality is tested until we're satisfied it's all working perfectly.

10. We publish. Your website is made live on leading edge servers. Search Engines are advised and the world sees your new website in all its glory.


The end?

No. That's not usually the end of the story. Where required we work with you to grow your website, refine content, review browser statistics and analytics, improve Search Engine rankings, gain Social Media traction and generally improve your online marketing.