Why Designing a website NOW makes perfect sense

A great ROI opportunity!

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Has your company been feeling the hit of the credit crunch? Is business going a bit slower, while prices (despite the reduced VAT) have stagnated or are going up? Are you wondering why your competition seems to be doing better?

Like many businesses across the UK and Europe, you may be looking into cost-saving ideas and better value solutions whilst still trying to present a strong brand and keep ahead of the competition. Your target market is more money-conscious now than ever before and is less likely to be looking at printed mail material: "This looks interesting, but can I afford it?"

Yet it's a different story when it comes to the web. Banners with the "BUY ME" message are gradually changing to a more subtle tone of advertising, engaging with viewers and encouraging them to visit websites more effectively than a few months ago. Additionally, many companies are positioning themselves differently, with a new, creative on-line presence - adjusting the focus from selling to a more engaging approach where users are informed, interact and therefore more likely to commit to buy.

But with the economy at this current low, why should you invest in a new on-line presence?


Re-invigorate your brand

Now is the time to show your brand is still out there, that you are still going strong and still committed to your clients or customers. A new website, fresh landing pages or eye catching banners will show that your business is still working hard through these tough times - providing both new and existing clients an interesting update on your business.


Reach a wider audience

Say you send out 50,000 direct mail pieces; on average 50-60% will be looked at and read, but only up to 5% will convert unless you have a very small niche market where your competition is low. However for 99% of all companies this will not be the case, and a (up to) 5% return on a 50,000 piece campaign investment is still very low.

Your new website will be readily visible for pretty much anyone in the world, at any given point in time. Plus, using our in-house CMS Engine you will be able to update your information and your campaign quickly without having to go back to the printers!


Up-to-date information and news directly to your customer's inbox

Engine's e-shot Manager will enable you to send completely up-to-date information quickly and easily to all of your intended recipients - saving you money on printing costs. Create fresh e-shots about your latest products, offers and news at the click of a few buttons. You will be able to:

• choose which recipients receive your campaign,
• track who opened your email
• monitor who clicked through to your website.
• upload your own contacts from Excel to make best use of your data.

The e-shot manager even enables you to set up criteria so you don't even have to worry about keeping your recipient lists updated (e.g. "add all recipients who bought product X to this group") to save time and maximise your campaign's potential.


More information, readily available, easy to maintain

Printed material offers a lot of potential to your company, your own brochure with a nice gloss finish can offer great results. But high costs for reprints or the need for a redesign because you need to add another case study or additional pages is a real problem many businesses face.

A new website will present your online presence in a new light, allowing you to show all the content of your brochures - and more. Using our in-house CMS Engine you will be able to:
• maintain and up-date content as you see fit,
• add additional pages and images,
• add multimedia at the click of a few buttons,
• utilise the power of RSS feeds.

Combine this with the e-shot manager and you will be able to regularly inform your customers and clients of your new website content, products or services.


Accessible and usable information

Did you know that DDA compliance will be a requirement for all public and educational sectors very soon? If your site does not comply yet then this is the ideal time to ensure that your site will be accessible and usable for everyone and every requirement.

If you're not sure of how to get your website up-to-date with DDA requirements we can help - our in-house CMS Engine ensures all the content you add or edit is fully accessible, cross-browser compatible and search engine optimised. Not only helping you to comply with legislation, it also ensures a great return on your investment!


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