MileHi is a social networking app which enables travellers to connect with one another, based on them being in the same location at the same time, this is done via their flight details. Having demonstrated a successful plan and insights into the target audience (ranging from business users to travellers and singles) we were appointed to deliver the new app design.

milehi app on smartphone
milehi branding on boarding pass

Our Approach

The name MileHi was soon coined alongside a branding initiative based on the values of an infinite target audience, feeling safe and approachable and leveraging modern, friendly technology.

The next step was to plan the customer journey, from initial exposure to app download and onto repeat usage driving behavioural change. During this process we were able to extend the usability from simply during flight to months in advance and after the flight date.

With MileHi, we enabled users to:

In short, we provide people around the world the opportunity to "Make friends in the sky".

milehi sales website page design
milehi app on tablet

MileHi sales website and App screenshots

Hybrid App development

Melon approaches App development from a background of leading edge website code and languages. The emerging technology of Hybrid Apps has provided us with a number of advantages over traditional native apps and development, for example:

  • Apps can be published for both iOS and Android simultaneously
  • Existing web skills can be utilised to the fullest
  • A single code base can be developed to provide multiple versions
  • Huge cost savings over native development
  • Straightforward updates and maintenance across all operating systems
  • Future proof technology with smartphone hardware providers empowering change


The result for MileHi is a smart, clean build which honours the integrity of the original bespoke design, whilst being delivered as a Hybrid App on both leading App stores for a fraction of the typical native iOS or Android App expenditure.

What the client said...

Melon provided excellent strategic advice, creativity and technical input. The branding is fantastic and has ensured the App demands attention.

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