Innovative new swapping and trading website launched!

We've built and launched Look at My Leg, an online swapping marketplace - swap and sell your unwanted stuff.

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Look at my Leg is a startup website looking to rival Schpock and Gumtree, but primarily based on swapping and trading up unwanted items. Melon were tasked with planning, web design, and building the system to allow consumers to quickly and easily be able to post their possessions, while browsing those of other people, and managing the swapping process.

Having identified the lack of reputable swapping websites on the market at the moment, but the popularity of this genre of marketplace, our client was keen to seek an experienced team to work on their project.

Ease of use for both casual browsers, and hardened swappers alike was important to accomplish. We designed and built the interface with responsive methodologies, ensuring people on a wide range of devices would be catered for. With the growing trend in mobile browsers, especially in the target audience, posting items and images of those items while on the move was an important factor in these phases of the project.

All data is handled via a back end API, to ensure its transport is handled securely and flexibly. With the prospect of a mobile app in future phases, being able to access that data without having to refactor existing parts of the system was crucial.

Marketplace users have an increasing requirement to show convenient and local products. Searching for items utilises geolocation to ensure users can find them, with all items showing its distance from you, as well as browsing them on a map.

Geolocation is used to show the distance items are from you

Additionally there are various other technical complexities including payment gateways, inter user messaging systems, visual and delivered notification systems, handling and manipulation of media, social login and sharing. The website is content managed by the Engine CMS platform, ensuring new content can be added quickly and easily. Already the project has shown some early growth, with a small community populating it with a range of items and activity. With a solid marketing campaign about to commence, we hope to see additional growth and success for our client.

What the client said...

"We have had great feedback from our early adopters! Really happy with what Melon has delivered, and they have gone above and beyond the call of duty."