User Interface Design

We work with platform companies and online enterprises to create outstanding User Interface design. From planning and prototyping to design, build and integration, we add value whilst collaborating seamlessly with your in-house teams.

Just a few ways we can help

  • Architecture

    Our wireframing, prototyping and planning skills ensure the best possible outcome.

  • User Experience

    We'll learn about your users, how to engage them and provide a lean, effective journey.

  • Apps & APIs

    We deliver a complete ecosystem incorporating websites, apps and APIs to ensure a perfect result.


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Online TV Channel

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IoT Platform and App UI design

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In-flight app design


Designing your user interface

If you already have a web app, platform interface or mobile app it’s likely that your user interface has evolved over time, new features have been added and multiple designers and developers have contributed along the way.

Our extensive experience, working with a wide range of PaaS providers and software companies ensures we understand the opportunities and limitations of a redesign. We provide a fresh perspective, honest appraisal and sound recommendations for improvements to architecture, functionality, user journeys and design.

Often our expertise will be commissioned to create an interface for a new product. Typically this will mean that a feature list, basic functionality and objectives are in hand, but all elements need to be pulled together as a cohesive prototype, ready for development. From initial fact-finding, to planning and full prototype design, we’ll manage the process and demonstrate proven rationale for every decision.

Planning and Prototyping

Thorough and exhaustive planning is a fundamental part of the UI development process. Typically graphics, widgets and other design elements are consistently used throughout the system and once a suitable style is in place can be rolled out easily, once a suitable prototype has been finalised.

As such the biggest challenges and opportunities for success are within the architecture, navigation and subsequent user journeys. Only by comprehensive fact finding, protoytyping and testing can a large-scale project become easily managed and and worked upon by multiple departments and collaborators.

We create detailed wireframe prototypes via a process of workshops to uncover all use cases and considerations.These prototypes become the foundation on which designs and ongoing development are based.

Coding and development

In addition to our creative and planning services we are able to provide development services to help fulfil your UI project. This development support varies but will often entail us building the Front-end of the system, before handing files to your back end or platform development team for implementation.

We utilise HTML, CSS, JS and Angular languages (to name but a few) to deliver pixel perfect front end interfaces. Additionally we have extensive experience with graphing, mapping and other front end elements which can be developed to link seamlessly with your own data sources.

API and systems integrations

Once a design has been created and built it will be necessary to overlay it on your system or platform. Often this will be via an open API you have developed internally. We work with your development team to integrate with these layers and create a complete product. We are also well versed with a wide variety of third-party APIs to combine additional functionality via plug-ins for graphing, logins, security, lookup and other web services.

Ongoing support

The inherent complexity of maintaining a web app or platform demands consistency and product knowledge throughout the team. A combination of great service and commitment, along with a long-term outlook ensures we become an essential extension of your team and will be on hand when you need us.

From ideas for new features and future product developments to bug fixes updates and maintenance, you and your team will relish the support we provide.