It's our birthday!

Its our birthday and it's 5 years since Melon Design & Marketing was officially launched! take a look to see the journey we have had so far and how we celebrated - with cakes of course!

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It's now 5 years since Melon was officially launched on the world! After many hours and late nights of planning, Melon was conceived and officially launched on this day in 2005. It wasn't long before our hard work paid off and lots of great clients had joined us for the ride.

Five years on and we have remained true to our original commitment to innovation, service, quality, creativity and technical development all designed with our clients aims in mind and not our own agenda.

Our passion has stood us in good stead and today Melon stands as an established creative agency with a fantastic team of talented people, doing what we do best and having some fun along the way.

We would like to officially thank all our clients, friends, suppliers and anyone else who has helped us along the way, without whom none of this would be possible.

So what for the next 5 years? We are as excited as ever! Technical boundaries are being broken, creative trends are evolving and new marketing channels are opening up. There are so many opportunities to innovate, both online and in traditional media that we can't wait to see what's next and help our clients benefit.

So, how did we celebrate? With cake of course! Personalised cup cakes to be exact, which at the time of going to press are waiting to be eaten, so without further ado ... hmmmmmm cake!