Melon celebrates 10 years in business

It's our birthday! A whole decade since Melon was incorporated.

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It's 10 years since Melon was officially incorporated. We tend to be fairly low key with celebrations and shouting about our achievements, but we couldn't let this one pass without a mention.

Over the last decade we've seen lots of changes, the web has become an essential playground and Apps, smartphones and tablets are everywhere. We've always strived to stay ahead of the game, without following short term trends and we hope you feel we're staying on top of things!

We've launched over 150 websites, created dozens of brands and printed millions of items over the last ten years. Of course none of it would be possible if it wasn't for the continued support of our clients and the hard work of the Melon team.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Melon over the years and I hope you're already looking forward to the next birthday blog, due out in 2025. Now that's scary!