The new BBC Portal

Interesting new BBC Website

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BBC have overhauled their front page with a really cool new look and a whole host of new features to help make your browsing experience better than ever.

The new design has a big impact on first impressions, bringing to life with good use of colour and gradients, what was before a fairly flat design. Then up in the top left you will notice a customisation button. This enables you to change the primary colour of all the info boxes, as well as add and remove specific topics such as news, sport, entertainment etc.

Not only can you do all that, but you can drag the boxes around your screen much like you would a window or icon on your desktop. This enables you to adjust your own BBC home page to display only the information you want to see, and in the order you want to see it. Then when you leave the site, come back later and naturally all your settings have been saved ready for further viewing.

The BBC website has always been at the top of its class, and it continues to impress web professionals and users alike as the technology of the web is pushed ever forward.

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