The SEO Rapper

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Search Engine Optimisation is a tricky business. Most non techie people see it shrouded in mystery with Google keeping their cards close to their chest, using their complex search algorithms and ever changing formula to get to that coveted #1 spot.However if you type "SEO" into Google, every man and their dog claims to be an SEO expert, but Chuck, the SEO rapper may just take the prize.

The lyrics he speaks about in his series of raps explain about SEO / web design and development with almost comedic accuracy, and his latest offering "Design Coding" is nothing short of brilliant. I don't even like rap music (more into my heavy metal etc), but I still find myself tapping my feet in time with the beat, smiling at him describing my daily cave-eats in such an unusual method.

"Please do not use tables, even though they work fine. When they come to indexing they give search engines a hard time."

Brilliant! ;) PLEASE watch these on Chucks site below. Click here to check out Chuck's website