Well travelled rubber duckies!

What a journey!

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For 15 years there have been thousands of “Made in China” bathtime ducks floating halfway around the world’s oceans. Just recently the armada of yellow rubber friends started to arrive in Clyde, Scotland and are about to begin showing up in the Glasgow river.The mass of yellow ducks, blue turtles, and green frogs broke free from a container in Pacific ocean due to bad weather 15 years ago.

The destination was supposed to be Tacoma, Washington but instead, they have traveled over 17,000 miles landing in Hawaii and have even been iced in the Arctic. Now they’re expected to be heading to South-West England.The toys have greatly helped scientists in researching world ocean currents.

You can easily recognize the toys with the faded white colors and a “The First Years Inc” stamp, which was who the toys were made for originally.The company was offering £50 reward for each toy found but they are worth nearly £1,000 on the market.

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