Britain going Digital

UK Broadband Usage

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All UK citizens are to have broadband access by 2012.

Advertisers claim that the interim Digital Britain report from Lord Carter will be a great opportunity for brands to extend their reach to audiences.

The Government backed study suggests replacing BT’s obligation to ensure every home has access to a telephone line with a requirement to provide broadband. This would aim to ensure everyone had quick enough internet access to watch videos online.

The 78-page report includes recommendations for:

• Broadband access across the UK by 2012
• Digital Radio to be mainstream by 2015
• TV networks to expand their use of new media

With broadband access more wide spread across the UK and faster connection speeds, advertisers and brands will be able to deliver richer more innovative content and campaigns.

Andy Burnham, the Culture Secretary, outlined the recommendations in the report:

"The Government has today set out an ambitious vision to make sure Britain reaps the full economic and social benefits of the digital age."

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