Browser wars, end of Internet Explorer?

New security risks...

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In light of the recent headlines regarding the security risks of Internet Explorer, users have been warned to use alternative browsers while Microsoft combat the problem currently affecting millions of users. Unfortunately Internet Explorer has long been recognised by experts as a browser prone to malicious content and a direct pipeline for viruses.

As of November 2008, the usage stats are as follows: 26.6% IE7, 20% IE6, 3.1% Chrome, 44.2% Firefox, 2.7% Safari, 2.7% other.

Firefox is catching up but is always going to be on the back foot as Internet Explorer browsers are pre-installed and used by default on all of Microsoft's operating systems. The most shocking fact of all is that IE 6 is now 7 years old, 1 in 5 people are still using this outdated technology when a fast and free upgrade is literally a few clicks away!

As a web developer I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the glorious Firefox browser. Unlike Internet Explorer, the Firefox browser is a far more efficient and secure browser, effectively helping web developers comply with standards of the web world (what little standard that there is!).

Firefox offers a more reliable and effective browsing experience and also includes a wide variety of available plugins endorsed by the makers Mozilla, such as 'No-Script' and 'Adblock Plus' for enhanced security. So give it a try and get your own Firefox now!

Another honourable mention is the new Chrome browser. It behaves much like Firefox but is built by search engine giants Google, for optimised Javascript usage and safer browsing. They have tried to keep it as streamlined and simple as possible, with speed and responsiveness in mind, and as a result have come back with a very sturdy web browser.

So either way, give Internet Explorer the boot, its old and tired and needs to step back to allow for the next generation of web browsers - ones that people choose to use rather than being forced into using what's already on their desktop.

Don't delay, download today!