Melon Web team now powered by Ubuntu

Clever tech!

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Seeing as I coded this blog system I guess its time for me to make a post.. but be warned, this is one for the geeks ;)

Anyways, fed up of Windows XP with its pop-ups, spyware, random problems, and crashes etc I decided it was time to find another solution.

I don´t fancy upgrading to Vista, as it´s basically XP with a pretty Mac style interface, a few bells and whistles, and will be shocking until a service pack to fix all the bugs.Speaking of Macs, you can run OS X on PC´s these days. Its a nice enough OS, but would be a nightmare to develop in, and I need 2 mouse buttons! Not to mention I wouldn´t hear the end of it from the rest of team Melon (every single one a Mac user).This brings me to Linux, a free, open source, OS built by a community of people to strengthen functionality, rather than profits. This results in a tidy, efficient, feature packed piece of software.Linux comes in many flavour´s (or distributions), but I am going to go with Ubuntu (which apparently means "Humanity towards others"), due to its stability, and a few nifty features it has.Why am I telling you all this? The image above is a screenshot of Ubuntu with Beryl, a desktop manager that enables multiple virtual desktops to be viewed on a cube interface. How cool is that? Your PC screen in a 3D environment!In this instance its more of a hexagonal tube that rotates, but you can add as many ´viewports´ as you like, and with dual screens makes a great way to multi-task.Now I can have my code, the page I am working on, my email, my remote desktop machines, and any other websites or programs running all nicely managed on their own virtual screens, free of clutter. Chris (AKA Techie Chris, or ´the Geek´ :P)

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