New Melon business cards with QR Code

We recently designed and printed our new business cards and thought we would share. Following hot on the heels of Google we added a QR Code which links to a mobile online business card.

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The new Melon business cards landed on our desks this week. After much deliberation we had settled on a clean, simple design printed with a blue metallic and finished with matt lamination. They look and feel great - as you would expect, after all it's what we do.

What you might not expect is the inclusion of a QR code. These codes are already widely used in the far east with the US quickly following suit. When scanned with a smart phone the code links to a mobile version of our website. The web page page shows contact details, social networking links, enewsletter subscription and even a link to our office location in Google maps.

This is a great example of how by combining media, embracing breakthrough technologies and injecting a bit of creative juice we can create a unique approach, which helps drive our clients forward.